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License A16118

Computer Forensic Investigations

Certified Computer Forensic Examiners / Licensed Private Investigators Following Federal Rules of Civil Procedure for Electronic Discovery our certified investigators conduct computer forensic investigations and analysis in support of electronic discovery requests, to develop evidence in civil cases, and to determine employee activity for corporate clients - particularly in matters involving embezzlement, theft of intellectual property, inappropriate employee conduct, unauthorized file access, and use of the Internet, email or employer-owned computer or laptop for non-work related activities.

  • Capture all evidence via computer forensic imaging
  • View data on a password protected system
  • Reconstruct internet browsing history
  • Complete documented chain of custody
  • Reconstruct timeline of events
  • Locate deleted email, chats & text messages

Using the absolute latest technology our computer forensic investigators have the ability to recover, reconstruct, and analyze data including document files, e-mail, images, audio, and web-based data. The findings are then documented and put on a USB drive, CD or DVD that attorneys can easily review. These reports include an index as well as search capability.

New Technology With the latest update to our mobile forensic software, we have the capability to perform physical and logical extractions from most Samsung and Apple devices. 

Background checks can also include a social media search, which will pull data from over 145 social media sources. These search results can include things like name, age, gender, profile photos, and links to other social media profiles.

Who Needs Forensics?

Typical Clientele The following are an example of who uses our computer forensic services the most.

  • Legal Firms and Attorneys
  • Private Investigators
  • Individuals
  • Corporations
  • Small Businesses
  • School Districts

Computer Forensic Process