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Computer Forensic Investigations

A computer forensic examiner can uncover the secrets thought to be hidden or deleted from digital media. Data can be recovered from PCs, MACs, mobile phones, external hard drives, USB drives, drones, tapes, floppy disks, ZIP disks and more. Almost all evidentiary information is now stored on computers or other electronic media, so it is imperative to address the issue of electronic evidence management and discovery. The relevant evidence you seek is likely hidden or partially destroyed on these devices and will require careful excavation. Furthermore, electronic evidence must be handled by trained, licensed experts with proven computer forensic methodologies to avoid spoliation and to ensure its admissibility in court.

We use collected data to discover what the computer was used for in the past, and create a detailed activity timeline. This data can be used to aid in criminal investigations, intellectual property disputes, infidelity cases, business litigation, insurance fraud cases, and more. Investigators can also provide expert witness testimony, and help prepare witnesses to present data in court to help win your case.

Our licensed and certified computer forensic investigators are trained in computer forensic data acquisition, following strict forensic guidelines and maintaining the chain of custody throughout the entire investigation. We can begin an investigation as soon as the next day for all of Texas, including San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston.

Exhibit A investigators are members of the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators (TALI).

Computer Forensics San Antonio

Data Recovery Our computer forensic experience and state of the art forensic tools allow us to provide you professional data recovery at affordable rates. Whether you have a hard drive that will not boot or have just accidentally deleted your data, we can help.

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Computer Forensics Dallas

Private InvestigationLicensed private investigators are available to help you in areas other than on the computer. We offer surveillance, background checks, decoys, hidden camera installation, and many other PI services.

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Your computer forensic services were professional and affordable. Data was found that made our case and we are so grateful. You will be highly recommended...
M. Davis - San Antonio

It's amazing what you found on our computers...with the information provided, we were able to settle the case quickly and avoid costly court proceedings.
S. C. - Dallas

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